After a long long long time, I finally decided to release this 0.00-12 version.
It's now available on the market.

There is several improvements and bug fix but it doesn't solve some issues observed on some device.
For example on Samsung Galaxy i7500 or on Sony X10 without update, outgoing calls don't work. If you are in this case, you will observe that there is no input nor output sound.
Then all your phone audios are broken and you'll need to reboot it to retrieve a working phone. I guess that's due to a specific version in the android audio driver.

I'll continue to work on this issue. But there is so much missing thing on the rest of the app.
So right now, a first thing is to fix open issues/bug in the googlecode tracker. I consider that if they appear and are raised by users, it means that should be considered as priority.

Among good news, I've just granted commit rights to a new contributor ! He has already committed really interesting improvements and I hope many other contributors will join us to make the project alive and growing fast with new features and with the best user experience !

So stay tuned. Good things are coming soon.