Well yet another release. No big news on this one for users on which it was already running.
For those who had a freeze bug, this release will probably fix things. At least it should not freeze with a non responding phone ;).

The change is a complete rewrite of the audio drive. Previously I used directly C++ audio classes (by including good headers and libs on the NDK) as I considered it's a clean and pretty fast method.
Unfortunately for some reason that I still don't know, it causes freeze on some device (I suspect that it was to fast ;) or that the jvm tried to garbage collect something generated in the native layer).
So after a lot of time wasted spent time to debug the freeze, I concluded that I should use the JVM to create my audio objects (using JNI).
Fortunately, the performance loss is not so huge that I though : the java layer is not fully used : it's just the JNI interface that is used when the method to read/write audio buffers are invoked.

To conclude, for now all feedback I get on this new audio driver is positive. There is only one device on which there is issue : the samsung galaxy spica. But it seems to be related to the java audio management. (The first bug I find on it is the ToneGenerator that go in a deadlock when re-created and the second one seems to be also a deadlock when I try to set the audio route. It has to be debugged, but it's less awful than the previous freezing bug).

Hope you'll enjoy this new version.
Stay tuned, now that I fixed this blocking issue, i'll continue to improve the user interface and the features of the java application :)  !!!