After a whole week of hard work.... I'm proud to release the alpha build 08.

A hard focus has been done on User Interface. I've read a lot of code from the android eclair source (and copied some pieces when it was necessary - recoded when I though that android code was too complicated).

I chose to take the latest known look and feel for the interface. Not only because I use android 2.1 but also because I though that it is not a good idea to take a custom interface (with no concordances with the basic Phone application). I chose the nexus one's one because it's the best way to address the more users. Even if they have 2.0.1 interface (with arc unlocker) this unlocker will be ok for them I think. (and why not one day enable plugins/ custom dialers -- that's planned :))

Among other new things I tried to make things a little bit more stable (there is still known possibilities of dead locks but it's more rare). Audio routing has also been improved. (Ringer/InCall mode) DTMF is now fully implemented (it tries the RFC method first and if fails just generate dialtone (using pjsip)).

Some screen-shots for the beauty :)

So what is on my todo list now :

  • Implement Hold call
  • Proximity sensor while in call and screen lock (timer if no proximity sensor)
  • Finalize labels for incoming calls and in call screen
  • Possibility to choose outgoing account (if some) in dialer
  • Re-Have a look for integration to native contacts (if possible I would like to be able to register the 2.1 QuickContact card - I have already look this but seems not so easy to do, so I postponed)
  • Implement phone filters for native outgoing calls (and let accounts override this param)
  • Label / l10n (at least in french for now, and since I'll not be ready for a beta release no other languages will be done)
  • Quick Settings at first start time
  • Native callLog integration
What I already postponed for after the 0.01-xx :
  • Conferences
  • Bluetooth (seems not so easy to handle in fact)
  • ARMv4 support (I'll need a sdk like for these plateforms)
And the point I don't know whether I'll implement since 0.01-xx :
  • SIP SIMPLE support (Buddy List/Status/Display Name) (A good thing would have been to integrate to IMProviders but I've not yet found docs about that point)