Ok, we have something that starts to be a real application.

Tomorrow I'll release the first pre-alpha apk. For now, just a trunk build on something really instable. But this will allow testors/coders/translators etc to join me if they are interested.

This also will enable me to announce the project to PjSIP mailing list and to android community. I think that it's important to have feedback from the beginning to code something that match :

  • User requirements
  • Pjsip core dev advices

A good idea could be to backport my modifications in pjsip stack (about 2 file for android port, and a little hack for freephonie, which should be integrated independently from android port because it cause impossibility to register on server that doesn't allow two registration from the same ip at the same time).

So ... hope next week will be encouraging for csipsimple application.