Well, a little teasing post :)...

After days of work, I have a first functional version of an application that enable native (C code) sip for Android.
It's based on pjsip and pjsip-jni.

  • Based on latest trunk of pjsip (ie 1.x series). So most features of pjsip are available (see PJSIP features for more informations). Note that VoiDroid was based on 1.0.x series. So i didn't reused VoiDroid code (except some part of port). I prefered to use pjsip-jni as base.
  • Integrated to android NDK toolchain (Some little modifications are made into NDK toolchain to access some private apis that i consider enough reliable).
  • Pjsip patched to work with the french "Free" provider (which uses Cirpack which only allows one account registration). (When i'll released my work, i'll propose to the pjsip core team to integrate my patch)
  • For now my targets are :
   Registrar :
     # Freephonie (from the french Free provider)
     # OCS Alcatel Lucent solution (ECS + OmniPCX Office)
   Android devices :
     # HTC magic
     # HTC hero
     # And soon an Archos IT (i'll recieve one thanks to Archos vouncher)

My first test are really really concluent. Voice quality is almost perfect thanks to pjmedia echo cancellation and the fact that it's native code.

I have open a google code project :
But for now, as far there is no release, there is no commit (for now it's not usable, and i want to provide something really clean and usable !!)